The Art of Amber Greenlee Archives

No Stereotypes Archives. A man’s quest for peace. A woman’s plight for love. And a god fighting against extinction.
Life of Glych Archives. Random life-related comics about the author.

Various paintings, illustrations, and stand-alone comics.


By Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, Amber Greenlee, Carolyn Kopecky, Kay Kirscht, and more! The personal archives of a long time running cable access show on Monday night's at 9pm-10pm on channel 19. A live comic book show where we drew the story the Twin Cities wrote, call by call.

Pop Portraits

Acrylic portraits of popular culture.
Dec 02, 2017Boba Fett I
Dec 03, 2017Palpatine
Dec 04, 2017Daleks
Dec 05, 2017Stormtrooper
Dec 07, 2017Catwoman
Dec 08, 2017Q
Dec 09, 2017Terminator
Dec 10, 2017Halloween
Dec 11, 2017Dapper Cat
Dec 12, 2017Slave Leia
Dec 13, 2017Don't Blink
Dec 14, 2017Poison Ivy
Dec 15, 2017Indiana Jones
Dec 16, 2017Kylo Ren
Dec 18, 2017Harley Quinn
Dec 20, 2017Chunk, Goonies
Dec 21, 2017Boba Fett II
Dec 22, 2017Dr. Krieger
Dec 23, 2017Hunter S. Thompson

Other Television

Various Television works Amber Greenlee has done over the years.


Drawings, sketches, paintings, and doodles.
Dec 02, 2017Burned Clock
Jan 14, 2018Painting Boba Fett


A short story I did back in 2008 about a vet in the desert.
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 1
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 2
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 3
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 4
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 5
Dec 17, 2021Remnants Page 6

Milk and Cigarettes

This was a short comic I did back at MCAD about the end of a relationship.


A quick comic from an old Aesop fable.
Jan 23, 2018Songbird - Page 1
Jan 24, 2018Songbird - Page 2

For All the World to See

A comic I did for college about the Moon Landing.

The Talk

A sad comic about death.
Jan 25, 2018The Talk - Page 1
Jan 26, 2018The Talk - Page 2
Jan 27, 2018The Talk - Page 3


A short 2 page comic about evolving.
Jan 21, 2018Evolution - Page 1
Jan 22, 2018Evolution - Page 2


Polarity was originally published by Narwain Comics way back in 2005. Available here for free for the first time.
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 1
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 2
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 3
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 4
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 5
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 6
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 7
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 8
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 9
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 10
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 11
Dec 17, 2021Polarity Page 12

Build My Robot Kit

A simple two-page story written by Ryan Kelly.

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