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Red Dahlia – Cover

My original tiff files for these pages were corrupted somehow over the years so they were unviable. I was able to resurrect the original PSD files for these pages, but the stroke around my word balloons went away because Clip Studio Paint doesn’t have that feature. I think it’s still mostly readable. This is a new title versus the one that appeared in the book when it was originally published in Drunk Duck: Drunk and Disorderly back in 2004.

I came up with the idea for Red Dahlia, but John Daiker helped me refine that idea further and parse it down into something that reads well on the page. He worked with me as such a sounding board I gave him credit as co-creator and co-writer of this story. This was the first full story I ever did digitally, so I was learning a lot back then. My art’s improved since, but I’m still proud of what I did here.


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