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An early thumbnail storyboard test for Princess Naughtypants

An early thumbnail storyboard test for Princess Naughtypants

This website is dedicated to a production diary for an animated project I’m working on. This project has no budget and a skeleton crew. It’s created solely out of the passion to want to tell a story. We invite you on our journey towards a completed story we can share with the world.

Princess Naughtypants was born in a college class in 2009 after being prompted by an odd phrasing involving a Hollywood starlet. I made a short and poorly animated test for an assignment in another class, but always kept writing. I never stopped writing this character since her inception. While I have a smattering of scripts, an idea, and a dream, this isn’t enough to show anyone and have them be impressed.

So to prove it to the world and myself that I can do this, I’m tracking my progress as I do. I’m probably insane for doing so. My plan is to have three complete seasons of 10-12 minute episodes. I want this story to work well in the broken up format or as a movie played straight through. I am taking inspiration for format from The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog but trying to stay away from their writing styles. Instead, I’m trying for more of a quirky Animaniacs or Clerks: The Animated Series style wackiness.

The writing crew right now consists of me, Gary Green, and Greg Douglas bringing help where it’s needed with the music. There’s a few more who have shown interest, but I’ve seen great commitment from these folks towards the task. Updates to come.