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This is about the level of superhero drawing I’m capable of. Super stylized simple Flash. I didn’t complete this month of prompts but here’s the list anyway. I stopped this list at #11. Transport.

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I was never really a Nintendo kid, but I like the design of the Shyguy in the Mario games.

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Just a simple cartoon character that I gave a Charlie Brown shirt to.

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I tried to draw long hair, but it came off as a disembodied hand floating and molesting a decapitated head in surrealist space instead.

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This is a cameo of Atom from No Stereotypes diving. I haven’t drawn him in a long time.

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Trying to play with more True Grit brushes. Playing with CMYK. Poison, not venom.

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There was a lot of glass and plexiglass used during 2020.

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This is a glitchy Swift bird because I wanted to play with my brushes some more as well as the CMYK brushes in CSP.

Here’s the list of upcoming prompts. Again, posted off schedule from when I originally posted them so the dates won’t match up. But you’re smart. You’ll figure it out. I just deleted the last 3 from the list to match February.

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