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Inspiring Writing Aspirations…

Amber in the act of writing.

Amber in the act of writing.

There’s a few “rules of engagement,” I’ve adopted in my pursuit of creative enterprise when it comes to my writing. Throughout a creative person’s upbringing, they’re constantly inspired by things. They want to emulate them. They draw copies of it. Children often repeat what they have seen because of that early inspiration. it is only later when you begin to recognize the patterns of stories or character arcs that you become jaded by what’s new versus what inspired you. “well, they are borrowing from this!” Well, so what? Borrowing and stealing are two different things. Borrowing is taking inspiration from, emulating, studying and copying (to a point) to figure out why you like it and why it inspired you to begin with.

A lot of these early posts in the Production Diary might seem boring, but I’m just getting revved up. I have a LOT to scan in that is already done this month, but I want to share with you the process of how I got there while I’m working out the bugs on other parts of the website. So thanks for your patience. There will still be updates every day but they won’t be as involved as the ones coming in March.

With that in mind, I’m going to present a series on writing styles, methods, and techniques throughout the month of February to outline where I’m coming from as a storyteller. I think there’s a disappointingly few amount of  “real-world,” examples of creative activity out there. There are lot of blogs and workshops, but I want to be naked in my process. If that means I throw something out, well, enjoy the out-takes as they happen folks! Until then, here is our first entry.

The Story Department

story_departThe Story Department website is a great one for writing screenplays and flies in out of Australia. I like their blog the most because of it’s good resources, articles, techniques, and challenges. They’re often cited in the /r/screenwriting subreddits  and I’ve found their point of view to be informative and positive. While much of their advice is aimed at screenwriting, I apply it to all my writing and character development.


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