Philo- Episode 3

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In this episode we find out the new Philo’s sole mission in life is to make pasta. Philo is cool with this and names him Otis. His parter comes home, revealing Bluto (from Popeye).

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Philo- Episodes 1 and 2

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The second episode of the new Philo. The first one didn’t record to Youtube, so it’s lost to time, now. In it,  Philo reads comics, realizes he forgot his pasta, then pours it into the sink into a collander in time. The phone rings, and the dog eats the pasta. Philo runs to stop the dog and trips over comics, knocking down the knife.

In the second episode The knife cuts off his fingers. The dog eats them. Philo regrows his fingers in surprise while the dog vomits his old ones up. Those mold themselves into a new Philo (Otis)!

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