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Home > > “Crouching Cookie, Unseen Philo” – Air Date 09/29/2008

“Crouching Cookie, Unseen Philo” – Air Date 09/29/2008

This was a fun episode to do. We had myself, Kay Kirtch, and Trevor, whose last name eludes me since the end of this video is missing as it was not recorded. Hamil Griffin-Cassidy is in power in the control room this episode. Big Cookie and Philo get into a fight. This episode was originally recorded 09/29/2008. I don’t have the original artwork anymore, but if someone runs across it, they can make scans for me.

Philo was a call-in comic book show where Minneapolis wrote what the character did from panel to panel. The show aired Monday nights at 9pm on the Minneapolis Television Network in Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minnesota between the years of 2007 and 2009.

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